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T-Shirt Coloring Party

So you want to have a t-shirt coloring party? Whether you want to host a part for kids or adult the preparation is very similar and we intend to lay down some pointers from our experience to help you on your way.

Get the party started!

You may wish do do things in a differnet order and use these ideas as prompters but starting with a guest lists works for us. You could argue getting your t-shirts and coloring supplies comes first but for us but getting the guest list together and sending out the invites gives us focus and makes us commit to doing something awesome! Just do what works for you.

If you are planning to host a kids t-shirt coloring party writing our invites is a good way to go with atendee, times, dates, location and your R.S.V.P contact details along with the name of the pary host.

Make sure you have a good space for everyone to do their coloring with good light and room for all the craft supplies. We have compiled a list of pointers covering a lot of the things you need to get started t-shirt coloring so make sure you give it a good read and tick things off as you go.

Getting good fabric markers is important and they can vary quite a lot. Some of the inks are designed to be washed out so you can color the same t-shirt again and again while others have a good levels of permanent pigment so the they are more color-fast.

While every good party needs food and drinks a t-shirt coloring party will need good t-shirts to color in and good pens to do the coloring. Choosing the right t-shirts depends on your audience, their creativity level, their interest and whether kids or adults will be wearing the end result.

Make sure your read our Find T-shirts To Color with fabric markers pointers to help you find the right coloring t-shirts for your party. It will also help you consider getting some pre-printed t-shirt designs to color, plain/black canvas t-shirts or perhaps you want to choose a mix of both to keep your options open. No matter what you choose having a backup or two to keep as spares for those accidents is a good idea as removing a mistake is not often easy!

For people who have not colored in a t-shirt before there are some good tips & techniques that will help them hit the ground running and get results they will be proud to wear.

Coloring a t-shirt is not quite the same as coloring in a drawing on paper primarily because the t-shirt fabric moves as you color with the fabric pens.

To close off a kids party you dont need to hand out a traditional party bag because your guest will get to take thier colored in t-shirt home to keep!

We hope you find all of these pointers helpful. Let us know if there are any improvements you would make or if we have missed of anything important.

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