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Where can I find T-shirts to Color with Fabric Markers?

We find the best tshirts to color are made from 100% cotton fabric and the lighter the t-shirt color the less the fabric color will interfere with the ink you are adding. The best results we have seen have usually been with white and even very light grey t-shirts. Any shopping mall will have a plain blank tshirt for you to color and these can be ideal if you are going to create your own design to color. If you are looking for pre-printed t-shirts to color our favourites have all come from online stores that deliver to your door.

Pre-printed t-shirts to color

There are pre-printed designs that are suitable for a range of coloring skills from simple t-shirt designs to color for young children, beginners and every level up to more detailed for the skilled colourer.

The t-shirt coloring ranges vary in price and are available in kids and adult sizes, and in styles for men, women and kids.

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Plain t-shirts for coloring

Stay on the look out for 100% cotton t-shirts because they are great at holding color. Some synthetic t-shirts dont hold on the the ink well so you could find all your coloring effort is never color-fast and washes off too easily.

If you are looking stock up on lots of tshirts consider making a bulk pack purchase. This can help drive down the price to something that you dont mind making a mistake with allowing you to be free with your creativity. Packs of 3 or more t-shirts are readily available at most local clothes retailers.

If you are looking to host a t-shirt coloring party it might be worth pre-ordering for bigger discounts.

While you are waiting for your new coloring t-shirt to arrive browse through our blog for tips and techniques and other interesting snippets we hope will help you on your t-shirt coloring journey.

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Create your own masterpiece

Grab a plain t-shirt and your best coloring pens and let your creativity free.

Enjoy the calm of coloring

Relax and unwind with some creative t-shirt coloring then wear your new creation.

When is your coloring party?

Host a t-shirt coloring party for adults or kids to enjoy something new.

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